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Grand Canyon
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Grand Canyon   Overview
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To some the Grand Canyon is nothing but a big hole in the ground but to many it's considered proof that there must be a some sort of higher being. The canyon to us is one of the most amazing and beautiful places in the world. The Grand Canyon is and will always be a source of inspiration for those that visit it.

The Grand Canyon was one of the first national parks in the United Sates thanks to President Theodore Roosevelt, who was a major advocate for the preservation of the area and visited it on many occassions to hunt and enjoy the scenery.

The canyon was created by the Colorado River flowing through it for over six million years, although recent research suggests that the exact time span may be much longer at 17 million years. At 277 miles long and widths that range from 4 to 18 miles the canyon reveals layers and layers of rock that expose the history of all the years it took to form this majestic landmark.

Some of our staff had the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon in 2006 and we were awed at the beauty and grace of not only the canyon but also the surrounding area. Please enjoy the many photos we took during our trip and make sure you visit each of the different areas of the the Grand Canyon section of the site for even more photos.

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