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Venice Beach

Venice Beach   Overview
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Venice Beach, located 14 miles west of Los Angeles, was founded in 1905 by tobacco millionaire Abbot Kinney as a beach resort town (although the name was not officially Venice Beach until 1911). When it opened on July 4, 1905 he had dug several miles of canals to drain the marshes for a residential area, built a 1200-foot long pier with an auditorium, ship restaurant and dance hall, a hot saltwater plunge and built a block-long arcaded business street with Venetian architecture (he had envisioned this area as being like Venice, Italy). The town kept growing and changed its official name from Ocean Park to Venice in 1911.

Venice Beach has a very bohemian feel to it. It is divided up into different areas such as the Ocean Front Walk, Muscle Beach and the Venice Fishing Pier. We had the pleasure of stopping for awhile at Venice Beach while we were out west in November 2002. We had a wonderful time looking at all the sites and entertainers performing along the beach. This is not only an entertaining area but the beach area is spectacular. We hope you enjoy the pictures we took during our stop.

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