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Aquatica   Overview
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Aquatica is now open and is creating quite a buzz. Located across the street from SeaWorld on International Drive this park is a waterpark with a SeaWorld twist. This is quickly becoming a favorite of guests in Central Florida.

Soft Opening Information
Aquatica held a soft opening for passholders Sunday Feburary 24 and of course we could not resist! Here are a few photos while we gather our thoughts about the new park.

Pre-Opening Description
Seaworld has released some of the ticket prices for their new waterpark Aquatica, scheduled to open in March 2008, and tickets are now available for purchase online at Seaworld Ticketing. Ticket prices are as follows:

Ticket Option Adult Child
2 Parks (Seaworld + Aquatica (purchased at parks)): $89.95 $79.95
2 Parks (Seaworld + Aquatica (purchased online)): $79.95 $79.95
3 Parks (Seaworld + Aquatica + Busch Gardens (purchased at parks)): $134.95 $124.95
3 Parks (Seaworld + Aquatica + Busch Gardens (purchased online)): $124.95 $124.95

Child must be ages 3 - 9 to get child admission price.

March 2007
SeaWorld announced, in a very elaborate celebration, on March 5, 2007 that they will be building Aquatica, a new water park, in Orlando. Aquatica is going to be, as described by SeaWorld, a "whimsical one-of-a-kind park" that is going to be located on International Drive across from SeaWorld Orlando.

Some preview artwork can be found by going to the SeaWorld Orlando website and clicking on the Aquatica advertisement.

We are looking forward to the addition of another water park to Orlando. Keep checking back with us for information and construction photos as we get it.

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