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Cedar Point   Overview
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Cedar Point is a coaster enthusiast dreamland. With an astounding 17, yest I said 17, coasters cedar Point holds the world record for the most coasters. One of these coasters is also the world's second tallest and second fastest roller coaster, Top Thrill Dragster.

This park, located on 364-acres on Lake Erie in Sandusky, OH, opened in 1870 and is the second oldest amusement park in North America. Owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, which has its headquarters at the park, its normal operating season runs daily from May through Labor Day and then weekends for a few weeks after Labor Day (for operating hours and dates see the official Cedar Point site at the link below).

Although some of our staff basically grew up at Cedar Point and Kings Island some of us hadn't had the opportunity to visit this wonderful park until May of 2004. We found the park to be totally amazing, just as we had already been told. Not only were the coasters terrific but the atmosphere and employees were wonderful also. OrlandoRocks is going to cover this park in a little more detail than we cover some of the other Non-Florida locations because we feel it would be a mistake not to let everyone know all of the fantastic attractions that Cedar Point has to offer. Please enjoy the photos and videos we took during our visit and if you get the chance make sure you visit this thrilling park.

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