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Knotts Berry Farm

Knotts Berry Farm   Overview
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If you believe their advertising then Knott's Berry Farm was "America's 1st Theme Park". We're not disputing or approving that campaign but what we do know is that Knott's is one heck of a park and shouldn't be missed.

The 160 acre theme park was opened in 1940 by Walter Knott. Originally the park was a ghost town that was built to entertain the crowds of people standing in line outside of the families restaurant. Many of the original buildings were relocated to the park from real old west towns and attractions were added such as the Calico Mine Ride, a train ride and a pan-for-gold area. In 1968 the Knott's family fenced the area around the park in and started charging an admission to enter the park. The 1970's saw the park grow to include three themed areas: Old West Ghost Town, Fiesta Village and the Roaring Twenties. Also, in 1975 the park added the Corkscrew, which was the first modern-day coaster to perform a 360-degree inversion. In the 1980's the park went one step further to compete with the other Southern California theme parks by building two new attractions: Kingdom of the Dinosaurs and Wild Water Wilderness. Then in 1990 the Boomerang roller coaster was constructed at the park.

Changes were in the air for the park and in 1997 the family sold their amusement park operations to Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, who also owns Cedar Point and Kings Island in Ohio. Since Cedar Fair has taken over the park it has had a significant change to a thrill park with the construction of a number of large coasters and the addition of the high-performance Shoot-the-Chutes ride.

Several of our staff members have had the chance to experience this great park. We hope you enjoy the many photos and videos we took during our visits.

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