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Kings Island

Kings Island   Overview
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Another popular Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, they also own Cedar Point, park is Kings Island. This 364-acre amusement park, located in Mason, OH which is 24 miles northeast of Cincinnati, was opened in 1972. The park was originally owned by the Taft Broadcasting Company and was to serve as a replacement for Coney Island, a popular park on the Ohio River about 10 miles east of downtown Cincinnati. Many of the rides from Coney Island were moved to Kings Island.

Kings Island has changed hands many times since then. In 1992 the park was purchased by Paramount Communications (and anyone familiar with the park remember this time when Klingons took the place of Yogi Bear as one of the parks characters). Two years afterward Viacom purchased Paramount and split the company, in 2006, into two divisions - Viacom and CBS Corporation - with the latter company gaining possession of the Paramount Parks, which Kings Island was a part of, who sold the parks to Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.

The park has always been extremely popular beginning with its first nationwide promotion from episodic television as episode of The Partridge Family were filmed in the park in 1972 and The Brady Bunch the following year. The name of the park was never mentioned in either episode although it was alluded to by the mention of it being "a new park outside of Cincinnati". It received even more publicity in October of 1975 when Evel Knievel successfully jumped 14 Greyhound buses at the park which was shown on ABC's Wide World of Sports giving them a new audience viewing record. Also, on July 14, 1976 the wedding of Paul Revere from Paul Revere & the Raiders was held at the park.

Kings Island is home to some extremely famous coasters, The Beast, Son of Beast and Face-Off and the park has always been a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Although some of our staff basically grew up at Kings Island some of us didn't get the chance to visit the park until May of 2004. Please enjoy the photos we took on our visit and hopefully you'll get the chance to visit this wonderful park yourself soon.

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