Effective Advertising Opportunities

OrlandoRocks offers integrated advertising for approved attractions and services. The way we integrate your offerings into the site is unique and very effective. You probably already know that typical banner ad web advertising is not very effective. Lately companies have resorted to these "In your face pop ups" to try and get your attention. Click through rates for these type of ads are typically low. The main reason is not that they are not annoying enough, it is that they are not targeted precisely. That's why OrlandoRocks takes a much better approach. Your attraction actually becomes a prominent part of the site and part of the excitement that is Orlando.

Starting with the first page your attraction jumps out in many different ways:

3- That's only the beginning
Then in specific sections of OrlandoRocks (ex: I-Drive), there is a picture bar. This picture promotes your attraction much more prominently than a banner ad.  But OrlandoRocks advertising advantages don't stop there. In addition, your attraction's link  also appears at top of the navigation on the left. So your attraction appears on the main page to a general audience but also on specific pages where your most targeted audience comes from.

The best part of this approach is that it is non-intrusive to the viewer. Quite the opposite, they are getting rich, multimedia information on just the subject they are interested in. Your attraction is introduced in a rich multimedia format. We offer complete support for photos, video, sounds and flash.

This is only the beginning though. Photos and links to your attraction will also appear on the main page, which is also very multimedia rich. Take a look and picture how well your attraction would fit!

We still support banners and would be happy to throw those in as well. The best part is the cost is incredibly low. We will do all the work to more prominently integrate your attraction into many sections of OrlandoRocks.

Get Started by Contacting: advertising@orlandorocks.com